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A box of 16

Don't Starve blind box collectibles are only available on Klei's website, made by Esc-toy. One box contains one random 3.5" - 5.0" vinyl figure and two accessories, one of which is exclusive to the character received.


A few characters and items.
3 boxes.

There are 12 figurines, and 25 items: one character and four items are mystery.





Case layouts

Klei stated that there are four possible case layouts.

Case #1 Three Wilsons and Willows, two Pigs, Chesters, Wickerbottoms, and WX-78s, and one Woodie and Wolfgang.

Case #2: Four Wolfgangs, three Pigs, two Wendys and WX-78s, and one Wilson, Willow, Chester, Spider, and Maxwell.

Case #3: Three Wendys and Wolfgangs, two WX-78s and Pigs, and one Chester, Maxwell, Spider, Wes, Willow, Wilson.

Case #4: Three Woodies, two Wilsons, Spiders, Wendys, and Wolfgangs, and one Wes, Pigman, Wickerbottom, Wx-78, and Maxwell

Case #5: Three Wendys, Three Wolfgangs, Two Pigs, Two WX-78s, Two Maxwells, One Wilson, One Wes, One Spider, One Chester

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Chester can open and close his mouth.
  • The human figurine's arms can articulate and can hold one item per arm.
  • The UPC code has Wilson's self-portrait.
  • Inside the box, the first flap will say: "Generating Figure..." and the second flap will say: "You'd better find more figures to collect before night comes!", similar to the game itself. The third flap will however, say @Klei #DontStarve.
  • Klei has stated that Maxwell is "super rare".
    • Despite this, he appears once each in three of the four layouts. Whereas Wes only appears once each in two of the layouts.
  • Klei once made ten limited edition special gold Wilson figures painted by Erick Scarecrow for an event. They also produced a limited edition candy WX-78 figurine with Shovels for a giveaway, made by Erick Scarecrow.
  • There has been a fifth case layout, a case with the whole collection guaranteed in it. It was made for the Chester kickstarter. Only 50 were made.
  • Based on the results, buying a retail box will give you a 3/4 chance of finding Maxwell.
  • Two limited edition figurines have been made; one being Shadow Wilson and the other being a zombified Wes.
    • Only 500 of each limited edition figure was made.

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