Cave Hole

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Cave Hole
Cave Hole.png
Tool Required
The Lazy Forager.png
Thulecite Medallion.pngx1(2.9%)
Green Gem.pngx1(2.9%)
Yellow Gem.pngx1(11.8%)
Orange Gem.pngx1(11.8%)
Purple Gem.pngx1(11.8%)
Thulecite Fragments.pngx4-7(29.4%)

Cave Holes are naturally spawning objects exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign.

Cave Holes appear in the Caves. There are treasures in each Cave Hole. They can not be picked directly. Using The Lazy Forager is the only way to pick them up. The treasures in Cave Holes will respawn when the Ruins Regenerate.


Wickerbottom using moggles to find Cave Holes.