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Character quotes is what different Characters say about in-game items or objects, or during certain gameplay events. The player can alt-click items and objects to examine them.

Wilson Portrait.png Willow Portrait.png Wolfgang Portrait.png Wendy Portrait.png
Wilson Willow Wolfgang Wendy
WX-78 Portrait.png Wickerbottom Portrait.png Woodie Portrait.png Wes Portrait.png Waxwell Portrait.png
WX-78 Wickerbottom Woodie Wes Maxwell

Reign of Giants icon.pngReign of Giants

Wigfrid Portrait.png Webber Portrait.png
Wigfrid Webber

Don't Starve Together icon.pngDon't Starve Together

Winona Portrait.png

Shipwrecked icon.pngShipwrecked

Walani Portrait.png Warly portrait.png Wilbur Portrait.png Woodlegs Portrait.png
Walani Warly Wilbur Woodlegs

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • When announcing or examining something (or chatting in DST), a character will always have that piece of text above their head for 2.5 seconds [Verification Needed], unless interrupted by another thing to say.
  • Lucy the Axe speaks with red text that appears below characters, to avoid confusion with characters's white text.