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Opened console in the game

Console is a developer interface in Don't Starve. Players can open a console menu by pressing ~ ( English/French), ^ or ö (German Keyboard Layout) æ or ø (Scandinavian Keyboard) or ù (Azerty Keyboard Layout) and "Ñ" in the Spanish Keyboard. It can be hid again by pressing Ctrl + L. However, the feature must be enabled in the settings file located at the following location:

Windows, Mac:  <Documents>\Klei\DoNotstarve\settings.ini
Linux:         ~/.klei/DoNotStarve/settings.ini

Opening settings.ini, players should make the following changes:


If a player wishes to disable the console once it has been enabled they will have to navigate to "\dont_starve\data\scripts\main.lua" and set the "CONSOLE_ENABLED" line to false.

Don't Starve Cheats Console Commands - Reveal complete map

Placeholder.png Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Console is not available in The Forge event servers in Don't Starve Together. Also, none of its exclusive prefabs can be used in a regular world, making anything exclusive to The Forge impossible to spawn.