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Guides/Slurtle Slime Guide

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This guide explains the mechanics of Slurtle Slime production.

Slurtle Slime.png

Slurtle Slime is produced when a Slurtle or Snurtle consumes a certain amount of Minerals, processes these minerals, and drops Slurtle Slime on the ground as a result. It has two main functions; it can be used as an explosive (similar to, but weaker than, Gunpowder) or it can be used as fuel for Lanterns.

Slurtle and Snurtle behavior

While Slurtles and Snurtles have a somewhat similar appearance, they behave quite differently. Slurtles are neutral mobs (they become aggressive toward the player if provoked), while Snurtles are passive (meaning they will never attack the player).

Slurtles can be provoked in two different ways. A Slurtle will become aggressive when the player attacks it or if the player is carrying minerals when there are no minerals to be consumed off the ground. For this reason, it is recommended to use Snurtles for slime production, rather than Slurtles, if possible.

Mineral values

The table below shows every type of mineral that a Slurtle or Snurtle will consume. Each mineral has a value associated with it, relating to the amount of Slurtle Slime that will be produced. In general, one unit of Slurtle Slime is equal to a total mineral value of 5 (this is explained in the next section).

Mineral values
Mineral Mineral value
Rocks.png Rock 1
Flint.png Flint 1
Gold Nugget.png Gold Nugget 2
Nitre.png Nitre 2
Thulecite.png Thulecite 3
Blue Gem.png Blue Gem 5
Red Gem.png Red Gem 5
Orange Gem.png Orange Gem 5
Yellow Gem.png Yellow Gem 5
Green Gem.png Green Gem 5
Purple Gem.png Purple Gem 5
Note that Thulecite, Orange Gems, Yellow Gems and Green Gems are either non-renewable or rare resources, and are needed for top-tier crafting recipes, so it may be more desirable to use the more common types of minerals for the purpose of Slurtle Slime production.

Slurtle Slime production

A Slurtle or Snurtle will consume a total mineral value of at least 5 before it begins the slow process of physically producing Slurtle Slime. If the total amount of minerals consumed has a value greater than n*5 (e.g. if the creature eats a lot of items quickly), then n units of Slurtle Slime are produced (as a stack). Due to the incredibly slow speed in which they process each mineral, it is unlikely that more than 2 units of Slurtle Slime will ever be produced in one stack, although it is possible, in theory.


  • The mineral values used in the above table can also be used to calculate how long a Rock Lobster will follow the player.