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Guides/Teleportato Rush Guide

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This is a Video Guide for playing Teleportato Rush, which is an alternative way to play Don't Starve and is good practice for Adventure Mode.

Calculations[edit | edit source]

Day no Dusk segments Night segments
1 5 3
2 5 3
3 4 3
4 5 3
5 5 2
6 5 2
7 4 2
8 4 2
Total 37 20

Note: numbers for 8 full days.

What Numbers Required resources Comment
Number of Torches required to travel during night 8 16 grass, 16 twigs 20 night segments * (30 seconds per segment) / (75 seconds Torch durability) = 8. Things to consider: rain negative impact (up to 150%), usage of Campfire.
Amount of Sanity lost during dusk and night. 142.5 (37 + 20) * (30 seconds / segment) * (-5 sanity / 60 seconds) = 142.5 sanity
16 Dark Petals sanity cost 80 5 per flower.
Hunger points lost for full 8 days (Wilson) 600 8 days * (75 points / day) = 600 points
Science Machine, backpack, hammer, 1 rope, 1 cut stone, 1 boards 1 gold, 7 grass, 4 twigs, 8 logs, 7 rocks Recommended (minimum) first build. Don't forget to hammer Science Machine for 2 logs, 2 rocks and 1 gold.
Alchemy Engine, Prestihatitator, 1 Trap 8 boards (32 logs), 2 cut stone (6 rocks), 6 gold, 4 rabbits, 6 silk, 6 grass, 2 twigs Top Hat requires Science Machine! You will need these building to prototype Divining Rod.
Divining Rod 1 Twig, 4 Nightmare Fuel, 1 Gear
Crock Pot 6 twigs, 3 cut stone, 6 Charcoal
Football Helmet 1 pig skin, 1 rope
Trap 6 grass, 1 twig
Spear 2 twigs, 1 rope, 1 flint
Axe 1 flint, 1 twig
Pickaxe 2 flint, 2 twig
Shovel 2 twigs, 2 flint

Alternative starts[edit | edit source]

  • Dig up Graves for Gears (3.07% drop) to make the Divining Rod. Resources will still be needed to build the Alchemy Engine.
  • Go insane and collect Nightmare Fuel from Crawling Horrors (9 hits with Spear to kill) and Terrorbeaks (12 hits). This removes the task of building a Prestihatitator (farming silk, 4 rabbits + traps).
  • Rush the Ruins for Gears and Nightmare Fuel.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Don't spend time more than is absolutely needed (all you need is 4 things and Teleportato in one place, no need for Divining Rod, even if it is extremely useful)
  • Divining Rod is the most useful item.
  • Hammer pig houses to get boards and pigs skins (1 for Football Helmet, rest to get pigs as followers)
  • Carrots don't have a pick up animation, use them as a primary food source.
  • Cooked Green Mushrooms may be useful after collecting 16 evil flowers.
  • Pick Berries only when Starving, since harvest animation wastes time. Consider picking them only around Pig Torches or in packs of 9. Use with monster meat (from Spiders) to make Meatballs.