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Thulecite is a resource found in ruins, most notable for its many uses and rarity. Given these conditions, it is recommended that the player follow tips to obtain as much Thulecite and Thulecite Fragments as possible, while using them in the best ways possible.


The first Thulecite/Thulecite Fragments are found when the Ruins sinkhole plug is first mined.

Ancient Statues will drop Thulecite when mined, but players should avoid mining these when the nightmare cycle reaches high levels, as not to spawn in any shadow creatures. Also, keep in mind the gems these statues have, as they will change in the nightmare cycle until you choose to mine them.

Ornate Chests in Labyrinths will sometimes contain small amounts of Thulecite and Fragments to turn into more Thulecite. Do come prepared for the Dangling Depth Dwellers that live there, as they will often form large groups with the clustered, un-avoidable nests in the maze.

The player may also find some spare Thulecite Walls down in the depths, too. Smashing them will bring in some Fragments, so bring a Hammer with you. Find the closest Ancient Pseudoscience Station to the entrance to the ruins and keep it safe. Feel free to smash any other Stations you find, as they might drop Thulecite as well as other precious gems.

You can also gather thulucite by using Green Gems. Start by crafting a Construction Amulet and then use one use to make a Deconstruction Staff. Then craft 4 Thulecite Suits. Upon deconstructing all 4 100% thulecite suits, the player can reclaim the 24 Thulecite and 16 Nightmare Fuel on the ground. Since it takes 14 Thulucite to make the 4 Thulecite Suits And Construction Amulet, this will leave you with a bonus 10 Thulecite at the cost of 2 Green Gems.

In Don't Starve Together, there are several other ways to obtain Thulecite:

  • Cave Holes in the Ruins contain random items, most frequently Thulecite and Thulecite Fragments. These can be picked up with The Lazy Forager.
  • Thulecite can also be obtained from Broken Clockworks after smashing them down with a Hammer, although this is somewhat rare.
  • Upon defeat of the Ancient Fuelweaver, the Ancient Gateway will destabilize and explode, regenerating the ruins. This makes Thulecite significantly more reliable to acquire.