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Guides/Wilson's Guide On Surviving For Your First Time

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Page 1

(this is my first guide, so please be nice! this was based off a person's guide, where they used a storylike writing style! if you can, please tell me their name and I will be able to insert it here! thanks!)


A notebook came into my possession, a journal. It has 150 old grand pages, a dusty brown leather cover, and a lock with a gold key. Wickerbottom gave it to me, she said, "It might be useful, you know, to write down a few tips and tricks for the upcoming survivor that encounters your, ahem, items, when your, well, time has come to sleep. Just take it." I am Wilson, Wilson Percival Higgsbury. I am a scientist, doomed to fall into this hellish world. A world made by Maxwell. Anyways, enough of that unimportant information, let's dive into this!

Chapter 1: Coming into the world

It all started with the voice of Maxwell, saying, "Say pal, you don't look so good. You better find something to eat before night comes!" When I opened my eyes, he was gone. Vanished in a puff of smoke, pulling himself down. Now, if you saw the world, you would've been as confused as me the second you saw it all. Say, my brain was filled with questions. Where I was, what did Maxwell do to me, how I even came here. But one thought shattered the others from all hopes of capturing my attention, and it was, 'I'm doomed.' I then remembered what Maxwell said and decided to get up, looking around. I then started walking. Collecting resources is the first thing I advise you to do the moment you got up. The first resources I recommend getting are Flint, Twigs, Rocks and Food. Once you have enough flint, make a decision. Should you make an Axe or a Pickaxe? Make a Pickaxe. You will get enough flint from rocks, anyways. After getting enough flint, make your Axe and start cutting down trees, until you get a full stack. There is a thing called, "The invisible slot". If you make an object but you don't want to place it down, place it in the invisible slot. It will be ready for placing when you need to. I recommend using this method as it is extremely handy. Make a campfire, but use the invisible slot method, as it is still day, right? Right! Keep on collecting resources, until the night comes. Now, here's what you do when the night comes. Place down your campfire and simply refuel it until it is morning. Do not waste your wood! Placing too much wood in the campfire wastes it, and you won't be happy with the location you're in, right? If you're wondering why you need light, it's because of Charlie, the night monster. She will attack you in darkness unless you get light. Now, when the night is over, simply explore more. Get some more gold and rocks, and then make a Science Machine! It is extremely handy! Make the Machine, but place it in the Invisible Slot again. Keep exploring until you find a nice, suitable place to make your base! Now, place down your Science Machine to mark your base, and then make a Fire Pit! The Fire Pit does not turn into Ashes, like the normal Campfire. Place down the Fire Pit, and there is your base! However, you will need to make more things to improve your base, and this is where inventory extensions and other things pop up. To continue, read Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: Making a base, backpacks and Chester, weapons, and enemies!


Wickerbottom: I'm running out of Papyrus and Ink here, WX-78. Be a dear and get me some more, please.


Webber: And...there he goes! Wait, Miss Wickerbottom? Is WX a she or he? We're wondering what they are!

Wickerbottom: Well, he is neither, i'm afraid. Refer to them as they and them, please.

Webber: Oh....well, okay! We're going to explore the house a bit more! Bye!

Wickerbottom: Be careful, dear!

Wigfrid: Sörry mïss, ï'vë fïnïshëd äll thë mëät! Ï'll gö hüntïng, thöügh! Sëë ÿä!

Woodie: I'll go out and keep myself busy with the trees, it's a full moon.

Wolfgang: Wolfgang go to kitchen! Wolfgang eat! Wolfgang say bye!

Wendy: I'll just stay here, Abigail and I will play together...

Willow: I'll go out and light a huge forest! F-Far away, o-okay! (embarrassed) Bye...! (runs out)

Wes: (waves and points to his bedroom, then takes out a balloon) (walks up the stairs while waving bye, before disappearing inside his room)

Wickerbottom: I suppose that means he'll practice his balloonomancy in his room, then.

Wilson: I'll go down to the basement lab. See you! *waves*

Maxwell: *watches from a window* Well, i'll keep watch of these people. *laughs evilly, then disappears into the shadows*

CandyCat446: Please keep visiting this page! I will update soon, I promise! Goodbye!

Chester: *hops and pants like a dog* Rarf!

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