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Ice Cube

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Ice Cube
Ice Cube.png
"Science, on the rocks."
Electrical Doodad.png × 2Rope.png × 4Ice.png × 10
Icon Dress.png
Alchemy Engine.png
- 6-10/min (only with WX-78 Portrait.png)
Perish time
4 days
Prevents overheating in Summer
Increases wetness over time
Walking speed reduced by 10%
Stacks up to
Does not stack
Wilson Portrait.png
Stay cool, boy.


Willow Portrait.png
It's a real damper on my mood.


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Why put big ice on head?


Wendy Portrait.png
Keep a cool head.


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
A perfect cube of ice.


Woodie Portrait.png
I could chop it if I had to.


Waxwell Portrait.png
Strap some ice to your head.


Wigfrid Portrait.png
A chunk öf cöld.


Webber Portrait.png
This should keep us cool.


Walani Portrait.png
Keeps my head cold. And wet.


Warly Portrait.png
Must I wear it?


Woodlegs Portrait.png
Keeps me 'ead cool.


Winona Portrait.png
There must be a more practical solution.


The Ice Cube is a craftable Dress item from the Reign of Giants DLC. It requires 2 Electrical Doodads, 4 Rope, and 10 Ice to craft and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.

When worn, the Ice Cube grants 240 points of protection from Overheating, and starts to cool the player off until their temperature does not exceed 35 °C. Additionally, the player's Wetness will increase rapidly up to a maximum of 50 and walking speed will be reduced by 10%.

The Ice Cube does not have durability, instead melting after 4 days, similar to the Ham Bat and Garland. That being said, it can be replenished with Ice.

Wearing the Ice Cube while playing as WX-78 will cause the player to take damage periodically.

Shipwrecked icon.png Shipwrecked[edit | edit source]

Ice Cubes are also included in the Shipwrecked DLC, where it is required to deal with Overheating during the Dry Season. It works exactly as it does in the Reign of Giants DLC.

Prototype.png Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Placing an Ice Cube in the Ice Box will completely stop it from melting.
  • The Ice Cube is good for traveling, but if there are plans for doing things around a base, use an Endothermic Fire Pit.
  • The Ice Cube will make inventory and equipped items Wet, causing Sanity loss. This can be used to become insane for farming Nightmare Fuel.
  • Even with maximum wetness, Maxwell will not lose any sanity, making this hat rather valuable for him during summer. That being said, the faster food spoilage and slippery weapons are still large downsides to using the Ice Cube for extended periods of time.

Blueprint.png Gallery[edit | edit source]