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Jungle Tree.pngBamboo Patch.pngViney Bush.pngFlower.pngFireflies.png
Berry Bush2.pngGold Vein.pngPrime Ape Hut.pngSpider Den.pngMushrooms.pngSnake.pngPoison Snake.png
Boulder.pngRocks.pngFlint.pngRegular Jungle Tree.png


Jungles are a biome introduced in the Shipwrecked DLC. They are characterized by their reddish-green Jungle Turf, various Jungle Trees, Bamboo Patches, Viney Bushes, Flowers, and the occasional Gold Vein Boulder. While Mushrooms and Leafy Berry Bushes also regularly grow here, a Regular Jungle Tree or a normal Boulder may only be found rarely.

Jungles are somewhat dangerous areas during evening and night, due to the presence of Spiders and Snakes, which spawn from Spider Dens and Viney Bushes, respectively. Also, Prime Apes spawn from their Prime Ape Huts in this biome. Parrot Pirates and regular Parrots are birds typically found in Jungles. They often intersect with Beaches, and sometimes Marshs, Meadows, Mangrove, or Volcanic biomes.

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