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Ornate Chest.png Dangling Depth Dweller.png
Nightmare Light.png Пещерный лишайник.png Light Flower.png Thulecite Wall Build.png
Ancient Guardian.png
He must be lonely. Trapped in such a small cage.


The Labyrinth (commonly referred as the Maze) is a biome found in the Ruins. As the name suggests, it's a twisting maze with many dead ends. Fortunately, the dead ends usually house an Ornate Chest, which can only be found in this biome. Dangling Depth Dwellers are wildly abundant in this area, and it will be almost impossible to avoid stepping on their webbing at some point unless one walks on the edge of the webbing or uses The Lazy Explorer or Webber to pass over unscathed. Nightmare Lights are very sparse in this biome.

At the end of the Labyrinth is a patch of mud with Lichen, Light Flowers, and Thulecite Walls. Here is the only place the Ancient Guardian is found.