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"Grants the wearer Smell-E-Vision."
Moleworm.png × 2Electrical Doodad.png × 2Glow Berry.png × 1
Icon Light.png
Alchemy Engine.png
12 min
Stacks up to
Does not stack
Wilson Portrait.png
A wretched stench, but excellent visibility.


Willow Portrait.png
I'm not sure about this...


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Mole skin is stretchy.


Wendy Portrait.png
So this is what those things see.


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Ah, to look through another creature's, uh, nose!


Woodie Portrait.png
Now featuring night-time chopping!


Waxwell Portrait.png
No wonder they can dig for hours.


Wigfrid Portrait.png
It's best tö use every part öf the animal.


Webber Portrait.png
I can see for miles and miles.


Walani Portrait.png


Warly Portrait.png
Neat vision!


Woodlegs Portrait.png
Gives eyes of a ghost in th'night!


Moggles are headwear from the Reign of Giants DLC. It requires 2 Moleworms, 2 Electrical Doodads, and 1 Glow Berry to craft and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.

When worn, the player is able to see in the dark with a sort of negative filter. If the player wears the Moggles when there is light outside, their surroundings appear extremely bright. Unlike other light items, Moggles allow the player to see everything on the screen.

Moggles will last for one and a half days in total but can be recharged using Glow Berries, which will restore their durability by 33.25%, or Lesser Glow Berries, which will restore their durability by 6.25%.

Despite not being a light source in the conventional sense, wearing Moggles will protect players from Charlie.

Prototype.png Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Moggles are the only portable means of acquiring 100% visibility at night or underground.
  • Moggles can be particularly useful when dealing with Cave Spiders and Spitters.
  • They are especially handy when exploring the Ruins.
  • Moggles will be destroyed if they reach 0% so the player should make sure to un-equip or refuel them before this happens.
  • If the Moggles are used while the Night Hands are trying to snuff out fires, they will disappear.

Placeholder.png Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Upon release, the recipe for Moggles was 2 Moleworms, 2 Electrical Doodads, and 4 Silk. It could be repaired with a Sewing Kit instead of needing to be refuelled.
  • Hovering over objects that can be examined or standing under a shaft of light in Caves while using the Moggles will make the objects appear in black and white.
  • The word "Moggles" is a portmanteau of the words "Mole" and "Goggles".

Mosquito.png Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Occasionally, the Moggles will not work underground. This can usually be fixed by exiting and re-entering the level they have ceased to function in.
  • While equipping Moggles, the entire screen is considered illuminated by a light source. As a result, Spiders will panic while on screen. Night Sanity still decreases while wearing the Moggles.
  • The game may crash when equipping Moggles found on the floor.

Blueprint.png Gallery[edit | edit source]