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Moon Caller's Staff

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Moon Caller's Staff
Moon Caller's Staff.png
-20 per use
50 uses
Spawns a Polar Star.
Stacks up to
Does not stack
Wilson Portrait.png
It's scientifically proven that gems look better on top of sticks.


Willow Portrait.png
Gotta hold it with my sleeve so my hands don't get cold.


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Tiny stick make big cold!


Wendy Portrait.png
As cold and lifeless as... well...


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Appears to summon a cold star into being.


Woodie Portrait.png
Err, moon magic isn't really... my thing... Heh


Waxwell Portrait.png
The charge has made it incredibly powerful.


Wigfrid Portrait.png
It weaves the cöld fröm thin air!


Webber Portrait.png
Whew. Gotta be careful where you point it!


The Moon Caller's Staff is a Don't Starve Together exclusive Item, introduced in A New Reign. It acts similar to the Star Caller's Staff, with the difference of creating a Polar Light, that lasts 2 Days and cools the players down, as opposed to warming them like the Dwarf Star. If a Deconstruction Staff is used to break this staff, it will drop 4 Nightmare Fuel, 2 Living Logs and an Iridescent Gem.

Moon Caller's Staves do not have an actual crafting recipe. Instead, one must place a Star Caller's Staff on a Moon Stone during a Full Moon, after which it will immediately start turning into a Moon Caller's Staff, but also start spawning multiple Werepigs and Hounds that will automatically target the base and attempt to destroy it, in order to stop the progress.

Haunting a Moon Caller's Staff has a chance to activate it. Haunting a Polar Light will extinguish it.

Prototype.png Tips

  • A single Moon Caller's Staff can keep players cool through about 6 Summers at the cost of sanity. This, along with the fact that it's portable, makes the Moon Caller's staff a great asset to players during summer.
  • The Moon Caller's Staff can be kept in the Moonstone for an infinite light and cooling aura, however it has to be protected each full moon.
    • Building statues around the moonstone that prevent Werepigs and Hounds from getting to the center will protect it indefinitely. The ring of statues must be spaced out enough from the moonstone so that the enemies cannot attack through it.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The gem at the end of the staff appears to be an opal, having a white hue with a colorful tint. This is also indicated by the staff's spawn code.
  • The Moon Caller's Staff was added in the A Little Fixer Upper update.

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