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Obsidian Armor

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Obsidian Armor
Obsidian Armor.png
"Hot to the touch."
Log Suit.png × 1Obsidian.png × 5Dragoon Heart.png × 1
Volcanic Tab.png
Obsidian Workbench.png
1350 hp
Absorbs 70% of physical damage
Grants immunity to fire damage
Ignites attackers
Stacks up to
Does not stack
Wilson Portrait.png
I'm a genius.


Willow Portrait.png
Hit me and BURN!


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Is cheap trick, but Wolfgang like!


Wendy Portrait.png
Is it wise to don a suit of fire stone?


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Be careful, it's sharp!


Woodie Portrait.png
Hot stuff, eh?


Waxwell Portrait.png
I've bent the flame to my will.


Wigfrid Portrait.png
Cöme at me nöw, fiends!


Webber Portrait.png
Our enemies will feel the heat!


Walani Portrait.png
It kinda pokes my butt.


Warly Portrait.png
Heavy and hot.


Woodlegs Portrait.png
It be heavy 'n hot.


The Obsidian Armor is an armor from the Shipwrecked DLC. It can be crafted with 1 Log Suit, 5 Obsidian and 1 Dragoon Heart. Like other Obsidian recipes, it cannot be prototyped. Crafting it requires the player to be standing near the Obsidian Workbench or wearing a Brain of Thought.

The armor acts similarly to the Scalemail from the Reign of Giants DLC. It grants fire immunity to the wearer and will ignite attackers, however unlike Scalemail, it does not restore sanity while worn. It has 1350 durability and absorbs 70% of physical damage.

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