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Tool Required
Fishing Rod.png
Tropical Fish.png
Common Biomes
Mangrove, Coral Reef, The Ocean
Wilson Portrait.png
This area seems pretty fishy.


Willow Portrait.png
Why here, fishies?


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Is good place to fish for... fish.


Wendy Portrait.png
The meat swims round and round. Oblivious.


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
I spy aquatic ectothermic creatures below!


Woodie Portrait.png
If only it were a little colder, would be perfect for ice fishin'!


Waxwell Portrait.png
They would be much more content in my stomach.


Wigfrid Portrait.png
Dö yöu wish tö surrender, fish?


Webber Portrait.png
Fishies for the taking!


Walani Portrait.png
Looks like a good place to get lunch.


Warly Portrait.png
Shining, sparkling snacks.


Woodlegs Portrait.png
A fishin'ole! Make a note on me map!


Shoals are natural occurring objects in the Shipwrecked DLC. They can be found quite often in Mangrove and Coral Reef biomes, and rarely in the Ocean biome.

The player can use a Fishing Rod to fish in them to get Tropical Fish. Shoals can contain a maximum of 10 Tropical Fish, and they spawn with randomly 6 to 10 Tropical Fish remaining. New Tropical Fish are spawned every 4 minutes (half day) if the Shoal contains less than 10. The Shoal's appearance will show less fish if less than 5 Tropical Fish are remaining in it, and it will be invisible if empty. Fishing in Shoals has a 20% chance to spawn Sea Hounds, so caution must be taken.

Shoals naturally alternate between active and inactive periods, each state lasting for a day. They will disperse when they have been active for a day and enter the inactive period, unless they are being fished at the moment that they need to disperse. A day after dispersing, they will regroup and become active. Shoals will also disperse if disturbed by sailing over them. Additionally, Strong Winds and Hail will disperse most of the Shoals in the world, making them unreliable as a food source during the Hurricane Season.

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