Sunken Boat

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This is a page for a structure that's in the game. For the unimplemented object, see Sunk Boat.

Sunken Boat
Tool Required
Hammer.png Deconstruction Staff.png
Sea Worther.pngRed Gem.pngBlue Gem.pngBoards.pngx3Gold Nugget.pngx3
Crimson Feather.pngFlint.pngGold Nugget.pngDark Petals.png
Wilson Portrait.png
That fellow looks like he wants to talk.


Willow Portrait.png
That mangy bird looks like he wants my stuff!


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Pretty birdie come from sea!


Wendy Portrait.png
Another voyage comes to an end.


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
A marooned psittacine with a lugubrious look in his eye.


Woodie Portrait.png
This fellow's not from these parts.


Waxwell Portrait.png
This bird's vessel is clearly not seaworthy.


Wigfrid Portrait.png
He has sömething tö say!


Webber Portrait.png
It's not much to look at.


Walani Portrait.png
Surfboards don't sink!


Warly Portrait.png
Hey fella, need a wing?


Woodlegs Portrait.png
I'd throw ye a line if me had one.


The Sunken Boat is a structure that is generated next to the ocean, and Flotsam can be found in the nearby water. A parrot named Wolly sits atop the boat, and the Flotsam can be snagged with a Fishing Rod to collect various resources and trinkets.

TabTools.png Usage

A Sunken Boat takes four hits of a Hammer to be destroyed, and will drop three Gold Nuggets, three Boards, a Blue Gem, a Red Gem, and a Sea Worther. Wolly will fly away from the boat if it is struck with a Hammer.

Wolly will accept a Trinket or any raw/cooked meat as a gift, and give a Crimson Feather as well as a random number of either Flint, Gold Nuggets, or Dark Petals. Wolly will not accept raw or cooked Monster Meat, but will accept Monster Jerky. When given an Old Boot, Sea Worther, Sextant, Soaked Candle or Toy Boat (all of which can be found in Flotsam), Wolly will tell a piece from of one of Wolly's Riddles in addition to dropping loot. After trading, Wolly will fly away from the Sunken Boat and return after one game day. His return depends on the proximity of the player. If Wolly flew away and has not returned, spending a day or two a few screens away from the Sunken Boat will cause him to return. Wolly cannot be found during winter. He will leave the boat and return when spring starts.

Image Item Trade with Wolly
Sextant-2.png Sextant Red Gem.pngx2 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Toy boat.png Toy Boat Blue Gem.pngx2 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Soaked candle.png Soaked Candle Gold Nugget.pngx7 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Sea Worther.png Sea Worther Purple Gem.pngx1 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Boot.png Old Boot Crimson Feather.pngx4 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Melty Marbles.png Melty Marbles Flint.png/Gold Nugget.png/Dark Petals.pngx4 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Fake Kazoo.png Fake Kazoo Flint.png/Gold Nugget.png/Dark Petals.pngx6 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Gord's Knot.png Gord's Knot Flint.png/Gold Nugget.png/Dark Petals.pngx4 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Gnome.png Gnome Flint.png/Gold Nugget.png/Dark Petals.pngx5 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Tiny Rocketship.png Tiny Rocketship Flint.png/Gold Nugget.png/Dark Petals.pngx4 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Frazzled Wires.png Frazzled Wires Flint.png/Gold Nugget.png/Dark Petals.pngx5 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Ball and Cup.png Ball and Cup Flint.png/Gold Nugget.png/Dark Petals.pngx4 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Hardened Rubber Bung.png Hardened Rubber Bung Flint.png/Gold Nugget.png/Dark Petals.pngx8 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Mismatched Buttons.png Mismatched Buttons Flint.png/Gold Nugget.png/Dark Petals.pngx7 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Second-hand Dentures.png Second-hand Dentures Flint.png/Gold Nugget.png/Dark Petals.pngx2 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Lying Robot.png Lying Robot Flint.png/Gold Nugget.png/Dark Petals.pngx5 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Dessicated Tentacle.png Dessicated Tentacle Flint.png/Gold Nugget.png/Dark Petals.pngx8 + Crimson Feather.pngx1
Meat.png Meats Flint.png/Gold Nugget.png/Dark Petals.pngx1 + Crimson Feather.pngx1

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Sunken Boat was added in the July 30th, 2015 update, and accompanied Klei's official announcement of the Shipwrecked DLC, to be released in Fall 2015.
  • Attempting to feed Wolly foods he doesn't want (Monster Meat, Eggs, Fruit, Vegetables e.g.) will result in him shouting phrases such as "Land Lubber!", "Squack!" and "Wolly does NOT want THAT!"
  • Wolly is a red-and-green macaw.
  • The name "Wolly" is a reference to the trope of naming a parrot Polly, with the typical Don't Starve naming convention of W. It is also a homophone of the male name "Wally."
  • The Sunken Boat started dropping the Sea Worther when hammered after the Wilbur vs the Volcano Shipwrecked DLC update. It's used to craft the Seaworthy in linked vanilla or Reign of Giants DLC and Shipwrecked games.

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