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And just one more finishing detail! Masterpiece!

–Master Jand

Master Jand
Master Jand
The Artist
"The colors complement eachother. Horrible."
Can Draw

Consumes odd feasts easily

Mourns when depressed

Sanity Modifier
Speed Modifier
-0.25 when Depressed
Special Item(s)
Starting Item(s)

Master Jand Signian Ensy is one of the five playable Characters exclusive to A New Reign. He's the only one of the five that is unlocked. Jand looks rugged and stiff, an artist showing no expression. He wears a tailored lime waistcoat jacket, brown slacks, and black dress shoes.

Jand also comes equipped with Jand's Drawing Tablet, which allows access to the Draw Tab and can be used to prototype different drawings. This gives him an easier time when dealing low Sanity, bait, cartography, and blueprints. Jand also has only 150 maximum Sanity and when he is at low Sanity, he may randomly mourn and the player will lose control of him for short periods of time. This mourning can lead to death when in fast-paced combat.

Jand can consume Monster food without side affects, can eat Taffy without side affects, and can eat items such as grass and Twigs, for a cost.

Lock.png Unlocking

Jand's Sketch as it appears in-game
Main article: Jand's Sketch

To unlock Jand one must be playing in a New Reign save game. The player must continue to get Sketches. There is a 0.0000000000000000000000000000000001% Chance that the player will recieve a Jand's Sketch instead of a regular sketch. Then, the character must try to make the sketch on a Potter's Wheel. Instead of making a clay sculpture, Jand will be posed above. Jand will then droop his arms, close his eyes, and fall to the ground. Jand will die, turning into a skeleton, and a ghost. His ghost will then dissapear. His skeleton is littered with a Feather Pencil, and 5 Papyrus.


Special Abilities

Main article: Draw Tab

Jand can place down his tablet. Now he has access to the draw tab. Now Jand can create the following:

Blueprint (rare)

Bait drawings act identically to regular bait, accept it is not used up once an animal tries to eat it. (If the animal has is visible while eating it, it will immediately spit it out.

Carrot Bait Drawing attracts animals such as rabbits. Meat Bait Drawing attracts animals such as Pigs and Spiders.

Both blueprints and all sketches can be made easily. Also, when a Tablet is near, the recipe for a Map Scroll is cheaper, only requiring one charcoal instead of the pencil.

All Draw Tab Items cost one papyrus and one charcoal. Each drawing will bring Jand 50 Sanity.

Jand can also eat most dangerous items without side affects (e.g, Monster Meat), with the exception of some foods, like Red Caps. Jand can also eat items such as grass or twigs. These items will give the character a minimal 2.5 hunger points, -1 health points, and 0 sanity.


When Jand is at 50 Sanity or lower, Jand will begin to mourn. The character remarks on this by saying a quote like: "So depressed... why am I even trying?".

Jand will then droop his shoulders, slump, and walk slowly. Oftenly, Jand will sit down and cry. During these times, the player has no control over the player. This is even worse when trying to fight a boss such as the Bearger, Jand will lose to much sanity, and will be very easy to kill when sitting.


  • To quickly get one's self out of the Mourning state, all one needs to do is make 1-2 drawings (depending on the severity. This can also easily get from 0-150 sanity in only three drawings. This means that for early players, avoiding insanity is very easy.
  • Due to his advantage requiring papyrus, Players should try to create a settlement near the Marsh for quick and easy access to reeds.
  • Due to his new eating abilities, Jand can fully consume Monster Meat. This means that for early players, Monster Meat is a viable and quick source of food.
  • Meanwhile, eating items such as twigs and grass is incredibly stupid. It should only be done as a last resort, as they heal almost no hunger, and damage the player.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Jand's voice is played by a piano.
  • Jand is 25.
  • Jand has a Skull in the game files.
  • According to his quote to his quotes on Marble Sculptures, Jand's work has been pirated, recieved many complaints, and is compared to better works.
  • Jand was added in the Sketch a Plan update.
  • Jand's previous perk, before the Now Look What I Can Do update, was that he could everything that a feather pencil could do without any materials.
  • Jand is a Californian.
  • When struck by Lightning in DLCs, Jand, like most other Characters, is shown to have bones in his hair.

Personal Feats

I survived as Wickerbottom for a whopping 412 days on a SW/RoG world. My cause of death is for trying to tank an Ancient Guardian, I only had a football helmet and log suit when doing it... I decided to reserve my better gear for a giant.

I have an ongoing Don't Starve Together World that I play with my friends. I play as Wolfgang there, and I got to about 1,000 days before getting REKT with a Fire Hound wave while trying to kill a Dragonfly, we all respawned from meat effigies. After taking some booster shots to the knee, we came back to see all of our precious items were burned by the idiot dragonfly. When chopping out in a Mushtree forest later in the game (Day 1,056), I was holding spacebar while eating a dinner of instant ramen. But, then, I accidently chopped the cap of a second toadstool. Because I wasn't going to fight a boss, I didn't have my best stuff on me. Stupid me, I tried to kill it. FAIL. I got to about ~10 health and started running. The toadstool destroyed our base. We tried to kill it, but we didn't have enough weather pains to go around. We got out of there quick. The server is still going on, and it's day 1,196, the last time this page has been edited.

I started doing the Powdercake challenge, and was inspired by Mr. KisE. I reccomend you see his playthrough of the challenge. He has gone quite far. You can see my version right here: The Powdercake Challenge (Jand Style). I am currrently not even close to losing a single row of pixels.