Volcano (biome)

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Volcano (biome)
Volcano (biome)
Coffee Plant.png Magma Pile.png Gold Magma Pile.png Obsidian Boulder.png Rock charcoal.png
Skeleton.png Elephant Cactus.png Krissure.png Dragoon Den.png
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Woodlegs Portrait.png (only once)
Me ol' prison.


Volcano (biome) is a biome exclusive to the Shipwrecked DLC, much like Caves in the vanilla Don't Starve. The biome can be accessed through the Volcano which is found in the Ocean.


It is a small area surrounding the mouth of the Volcano, and is affected by weather. At the center, the mouth of the volcano contains a large pool of lava, and approaching it will quickly increase the temperature of the player character to the maximum and cause damage from Overheating. During Dry Season, eruptions will cause the entire Volcano area to rise in temperature as well, causing immediate Overheating effect similar to getting close to the central lava. This effect will last for a period of time after the eruption ends.

The area is mostly covered with a mixture of Volcano Turf, Magma Turf and Ashy Turf, and the Magma Piles are abundant. Skeletons and Krissures are also commonly encountered.

Coffee Plants, and Elephant Cacti are found here. These can be dug up with a Shovel and replanted elsewhere, but they can only be planted on volcanic turfs. Burnt Ash Trees can also be found here. Chopping these trees will yield Ashes. Dragoon Dens and their Dragoons are native to the Volcano Biome. Obsidian and Charcoal Boulders can also be found here. Birds and Hounds do not spawn inside the Volcano.

The area contains one Obsidian Workbench that allows the crafting of items in the Volcanic Tab. Volcano Altar of Snackrifice is also in the area, and provides limited control over eruptions by sacrificing items in the Dry Season.

Woodlegs Portrait.png Woodlegs

If Woodlegs is not unlocked, Woodlegs' Cage will be found here. The cage can be unlocked by finding and using all 3 keys: the Iron Key, the Golden Key, and the Bone Key.


Placeholder.png Trivia

  • If the player manages to cross into the pool of lava (using console commands), they will instantly die, and the cause of Death in the morgue will be listed as "Burn".