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The Firestarter
"Things are so much prettier when they burn."
Immune to fire damage
Has a sweet lighter
Lights fires when nervous
Sanity Modifier
up to +10/min per nearby Light Tab.png
Special Item(s)
Willow's Lighter.png
Starting Item(s)
Willow's Lighter.png
Hmmm. I wonder if these will burn.


Willow is the first playable Character that can be unlocked via Experience, with 160 XP. She is a young woman suffering from the mental disease Pyromania.

Innately, she is immune to Fire damage, and regenerates Sanity when near Fires. She also comes equipped with Willow's Lighter, which is an infinite source of Light and can be used to light things on Fire. This gives her an easier time when dealing with the dark and low Sanity. Willow also has only 120 maximum Sanity and when she is at low Sanity, she may randomly start a Fire at her feet. This Fire can spread and burn resources unintentionally.

Light Tab.png Special Power

Main article: Willow's Lighter

Willow and her lucky Lighter.
Willow's special powers are her immunity to Fire damage and her exclusive Lighter. When players first start a game as Willow they will start with Willow's Lighter in their inventory. The Lighter functions similarly to a Torch, but with infinite Durability and a lower Light radius. It can be used to set objects on fire and provides light that can be used to survive the Night without being attacked by Charlie.

Close vicinity to Fire will gradually restore Willow's Sanity. The larger the Fire, the more Sanity is regained up to 10 Sanity.png per minute. Willow must stand close to a Fire to receive the effect, but her Fire immunity allows no risk in doing so.


When Willow is at 60 or less Sanity she will randomly light a small Fire at her feet without warning, and say "Tee Hee!", "I made a fire!", or "Oops." The small fire created is capable of spreading and setting important structures and objects on fire. Caution is advised when at low Sanity with Willow.

Although, like any other Fire, it is capable of raising Willow's Sanity when stood by. When the Fire goes out it will leave a pile of Ashes, similar to a Camp Fire.


  • There is no cap to the amount of Sanity/min that Willow can gain from multiple Fires. So the player can drop multiple flammable items nearby ( Grass, Logs etc.) and then set them on fire to gain massive amounts of Sanity and Warmth. Note that a single stack counts as a single fire, so any items will need to be dropped separately.
    • On the console version, the drop command can be used to drop all items in the same spot as separate stacks. With enough items, sanity can be instantly restored.
    • This is only really worth it in versions of the game where you can construct an Ice Flingomatic, which can preserve the items at little cost.
  • An Ice Flingomatic can help prevent base fires caused by Willow's low sanity.
  • Due to her immunity to Fire, Willow can set ablaze items in her inventory to regain Sanity, get warm, and produce a large light radius bigger than all other portable sources. Care must be taken to avoid getting close to flammable objects while doing this.
    • Saplings or Grass Tufts have a nearly 30 second burn time, making them ideal for this strategy. Once more, a stack that's on fire counts as a single fire, regardless of its size.
    • A flaming stack of items can be extinguished by combining it with another stack (even if that stack is on fire as well). However, combining a non-flaming stack with a flaming stack will do nothing.
    • Saplings or Grass Tufts should be extinguished before the 25 second mark to give a wider margin of error.
    • Neutral mobs can be killed, without fighting them, by chasing them with flaming items.
    • It is inadvisable to do this during Summer which will cause heat issues.
  • Other light sources are still important. Torches, the Miner Helmet and the Lantern are still necessary for situations where a flaming item can cause unwanted fires, but a larger light source than the lighter is needed.
  • A Top Hat and the lighter are enough to overcome the sanity drain of darkness.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Willow's voice is played by a flute.
  • Willow's age is in the early 20's.
  • Willow may be based on "The Firestarter" novel from Stephen King.
  • Willow has a skull in the game files.
  • According to her examinations of the Tent and the Siesta Lean-To, Willow was a Girl Scout, and she earned all of the patches.
  • Willow's previous perk, before the Strange New Powers update, was to light Fires at her feet when in darkness - like she does when low on Sanity now.
  • When struck by Lightning in DLCs, Willow, like most other Characters, is shown to have bones in her hair. In addition to this, she also has bones in her skirt as well.

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