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Winona's G.E.M.erator

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Winona's G.E.M.erator
Winona's G.E.M.erator Build.png
"This one uses gems, so you know it's good."
Trusty Tape.png × 1Boards.png × 2Electrical Doodad.png × 2 (Winona Portrait.png)
Icon Engineering.png
Always available.
Powers Winona's Gadgets.
Wilson Portrait.png
Hey! That's not science!


Willow Portrait.png
More of Winona's weird junk.


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Fixing lady doohickeys.


Wendy Portrait.png
This one looks odd.


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
It's good to see her keeping an open mind.


Woodie Portrait.png
Pretty odd looking gadget there.


Waxwell Portrait.png
At least she has the sense to use gems.


Wigfrid Portrait.png
Tis fueled by glöriöus magic.


Webber Portrait.png
Machines think gem power is really tasty.


Wormwood Portrait.png
Big Machine Feeder!


Winona Portrait.png
I don't get how gems work, I just know they do.


Wortox Portrait.png
Ohoho! The mortal learned magic!


Winona's G.E.M.erator is a character-exclusive Structure craftable only by Winona in Don't Starve Together. It is found in the Engineering Tab and requires one Trusty Tape, two Boards, and two Electrical Doodads to craft. It can be filled with up to 3 Gems of any color to add fuel to the G.E.M.erator. However the rare Iridescent Gem cannot be used as fuel. The G.E.M.erator's fuel usage and amount will always stay the same, even when using gems of higher rarity. The Gems are consumed when it runs out of fuel. It also holds a charge much longer than the normal Generator.

The depletion time is dependent on the amount of accessories that are connected to the generator. It will deplete on a higher rate the more is connected. It will likewise deplete slower if multiple generators are connected to a single accessory.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Winona's G.E.M.erator, alongside her other gadgets and the Engineering Tab, was introduced in her Character Update as part of the character overhaul for Don't Starve Together.
  • According to Rhymes With Play #228, Winona's G.E.M.erator was supposed to be a battery, but was rather named a G.E.M.erator partly because of the wordplay.[1]

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