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Woodlegs clothes

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Here is a list of images showing how Woodlegs looks wearing various in-game items equipped in the chest or head slot. Click the images to view them in full size.

Dress Items[edit | edit source]

Beefalo Hat[edit | edit source]

Beefalo Hat Woodlegs.png

Belt of Hunger[edit | edit source]

Belt of Hunger Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Blubber Suit[edit | edit source]

Blubber Suit Woodlegs.png

Breezy Vest[edit | edit source]

Breezy Vest Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Cat Cap[edit | edit source]

Cat Cap Woodlegs.png

Dapper Vest[edit | edit source]

Dapper Vest Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Dumbrella[edit | edit source]

Dumbrella Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Eyebrella[edit | edit source]

Eyebrella Woodlegs.png

Feather Hat[edit | edit source]

Feather Hat Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Floral Shirt[edit | edit source]

Floral Shirt Woodlegs.png

Garland[edit | edit source]

Garland Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Hibearnation Vest[edit | edit source]

Hibearnation Vest Woodlegs.png

Puffy Vest[edit | edit source]

Puffy Vest Woodlegs.png

Rabbit Earmuffs[edit | edit source]

Rabbit Earmuffs Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Rain Coat[edit | edit source]

Rain Coat Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Rain Hat[edit | edit source]

Rain Hat Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Shark Tooth Crown[edit | edit source]

Shark Tooth Crown Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Sleek Hat[edit | edit source]

Sleek Hat Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Snakeskin Hat[edit | edit source]

Snakeskin Hat Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Snakeskin Jacket[edit | edit source]

Snakeskin Jacket Woodlegs.png

Straw Hat[edit | edit source]

Straw Hat Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Summer Frest[edit | edit source]

Summer Frest Woodlegs.png

Tam o' Shanter[edit | edit source]

Tam o' Shanter Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Tar Suit[edit | edit source]

Tar Suit Woodlegs.png

Top Hat[edit | edit source]

Top Hat Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Windbreaker[edit | edit source]

Windbreaker Woodlegs.png

Winter Hat[edit | edit source]

Winter Hat Woodlegs.png

Backpacks[edit | edit source]

Backpack[edit | edit source]

Backpack Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Booty Bag[edit | edit source]

Booty Bag Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Insulated Pack[edit | edit source]

Insulated Pack Woodlegs.png

Krampus Sack[edit | edit source]

Krampus Sack Woodlegs.png

Piggyback[edit | edit source]

Piggyback Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Sea Sack[edit | edit source]

Sea Sack Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Thatch Pack[edit | edit source]

Thatch Pack Woodlegs.png

Amulets[edit | edit source]

Chilled Amulet[edit | edit source]

Chilled Amulet Woodlegs.png

Construction Amulet[edit | edit source]

Construction Amulet Woodlegs.png

Life Giving Amulet[edit | edit source]

Life Giving Amulet Woodlegs.png

Magiluminescence[edit | edit source]

Magiluminescence Woodlegs.png

Nightmare Amulet[edit | edit source]

Nightmare Amulet Woodlegs.png

The Lazy Forager[edit | edit source]

Lazy Forager Woodlegs.png

Armor Items[edit | edit source]

Shipwrecked icon.png Cactus Armor[edit | edit source]

Cactus Armor Woodlegs.png

Football Helmet[edit | edit source]

Football Helmet Woodlegs.png

Grass Suit[edit | edit source]

Grass Suit Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Horned Helmet[edit | edit source]

Horned Helmet Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Limestone Suit[edit | edit source]

Limestone Suit Woodlegs.png

Log Suit[edit | edit source]

Log Suit Woodlegs.png

Marble Suit[edit | edit source]

Marble Suit Woodlegs.png

Night Armor[edit | edit source]

Night Armor Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Obsidian Armor[edit | edit source]

Obsidian Armor Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.pngScalemail[edit | edit source]

Scalemail Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Seashell Suit[edit | edit source]

Seashell Suit Woodlegs.png

Shelmet[edit | edit source]

Shelmet Woodlegs.png

Snurtle Shell Armor[edit | edit source]

Snurtle Shell Armour Woodlegs.png

Thulecite Crown[edit | edit source]

Thulecite Crown Woodlegs.png

Thulecite Suit[edit | edit source]

Thulecite Suit Woodlegs.png

Other Items[edit | edit source]

Beekeeper Hat[edit | edit source]

Beekeeper Hat Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Brain of Thought[edit | edit source]

Brain of Thought Woodlegs.png

Bush Hat[edit | edit source]

Bush Hat Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Captain Hat[edit | edit source]

Captain Hat Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Fashion Melon[edit | edit source]

Fashion Melon Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Ice Cube[edit | edit source]

Ice Cube Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Life Jacket[edit | edit source]

Life Jacket Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Lucky Hat[edit | edit source]

Lucky Hat Woodlegs.png

Miner Hat[edit | edit source]

Miner Hat Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Moggles[edit | edit source]

Moggles Woodlegs.png

One-man Band[edit | edit source]

One-man Band Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Particulate Purifier[edit | edit source]

Particulate Purifier Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Pirate Hat[edit | edit source]

Pirate Hat Woodlegs.png

Slurper[edit | edit source]

Slurper Woodlegs.png

Spiderhat[edit | edit source]

Spiderhat Woodlegs.png

Outfits[edit | edit source]

Ancient Set[edit | edit source]

Ancient Set Woodlegs.png

Armored Set[edit | edit source]

Armored Set Woodlegs.png

Dapper Set[edit | edit source]

Dapper Set Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Rainfall Set[edit | edit source]

Rainfall Set Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Seashell Set[edit | edit source]

Seashell Set Woodlegs.png

Shell Set[edit | edit source]

Shell Set Woodlegs.png

Slurper Set[edit | edit source]

Slurper Set Woodlegs.png

Shipwrecked icon.png Snakeskin Set[edit | edit source]

Snakeskin Set Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Summer Set[edit | edit source]

Summer Set Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Heatwave Set[edit | edit source]

Summer Heavy Set Woodlegs.png

Winter Set[edit | edit source]

Winter Set Woodlegs.png

Blizzard Set[edit | edit source]

Winter Heavy Set Woodlegs.png

Reign of Giants icon.png Hibearnation Set[edit | edit source]

Winter Heavy Set 2 Woodlegs.png