X Marks the Spot

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X Marks The Spot
X Marks The Spot.png
Tool Required
Bone Shards.png×2, Chest.png
Wilson Portrait.png
Please be a good treasure!


Willow Portrait.png
If I don't like the treasure I'll just set the chest on fire.


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Is mine!


Wendy Portrait.png
Dead people's stuff.


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
My curiosity is getting the better of me!


Woodie Portrait.png
Time to get digging!


Waxwell Portrait.png
Ah, what's this then?


Wigfrid Portrait.png
May luck smile ön me this day.


Webber Portrait.png
Treasure, treasure, treasure!


Walani Portrait.png
Hope this is worth the work.


Warly Portrait.png
What shall I find?


Woodlegs Portrait.png
Me favorite kind of buried thing!


X Marks the Spot is an object in the Shipwrecked DLC that appears only after its location has been revealed by reading a Message in a Bottle. It appears as two X-crossed bones over disturbed soil. It can be dug up with a Shovel or shot with a Boat Cannon to reveal Bone Shards and a Chest containing several pieces of treasure. Players should be cautious as one treasure preset spawns 3 Snakes when dug up.

Possible Treasure

There are fixed presets of the treasure chest loot, mixed with some random loot plus some chance loot.

Random Loot: Only one of these items is always added to the treasure chest based.

Chance Loot: Each item in this loot table has its own indepdendent chance of appearing, meaning they can appear in any combination or not at all.

Standard Random Loot:
Most random loot outcomes have the same loot table, all equally likely:
Red Gem.pngBlue Gem.pngPurple Gem.pngPapyrus.pngTuna Can.pngBlueprint.pngGold Nugget.pngGears.pngRope.png

Standard Chance Loot:
Most chance loot outcomes have the same loot table:
Red Gem.png(25%)Blue Gem.png(25%)Purple Gem.png(10%)

Loot Preset Random Loot Chance Loot
Snake.pngx3,Dubloons.pngx3 Blue Gem.png(~35.7%), Red Gem.png(~35.7%),
Purple Gem.png(~0.07%),Green Gem.png(~0.07%),
Orange Gem.png(~0.07%), Yellow Gem.png(~0.07%)
Gold Nugget.pngx3 Standard Purple Gem.png(50%)Orange Gem.png(25%)
Yellow Gem.png(25%)Green Gem.png(25%)
Dubloons.pngx5,Booty Bag.pngx1 Red Gem.png(~45.5%), Blue Gem.png(~45.5%),
Purple Gem.png(~0.9%)
Dubloons.pngx5,Super Spyglass.png,Boat Lantern.png,Poison Spear.png Standard
Dubloons.pngx5, Miner Hat.png, Obsidian Axe.png Standard
Dubloons.pngx5, Spyglass.png, Life Jacket.png, Captain Hat.png Standard
Dubloons.pngx5,Tuna Can.pngx5 Standard Standard
One True Earring.png (Trinket) Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx2, Peg Leg.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx6, Volcano Staff.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx2, Football Helmet.png, Spear.png, Seashell Suit.png Standard
Dubloons.png, Luxury Axe.png, Regal Shovel.png, Opulent Pickaxe.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx4, Boat Lantern.png, Sea Trap.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx3, Compass.png, Bone Shards.pngx2, Empty Bottle.png, Sand.png Standard
Dubloons.pngx3, Electrical Doodad.png, Gunpowder.pngx3, Thermal Stone.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.png, Dark Sword.png, Life Giving Amulet.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx2, Obsidian Axe.png, Gunpowder.pngx2 Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx4, Cloth Sail.png, Boat Repair Kit.png, Boat Lantern.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx3, Coconade.pngx3, Boat Cannon.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.png, Snakeskin Hat.png, Snakeskin Jacket.png, Speargun.pngx6 Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx5, Gold Nugget.pngx5, Purple Gem.pngx2, Red Gem.pngx4, Blue Gem.pngx2 Standard
Dubloons.pngx5, Thulecite Club.png, Thulecite Crown.png, Thulecite Suit.png, Blue Gem.pngx2 Standard
Dubloons.png, Spyglass.png, Pirate Hat.png, Boat Cannon.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.png3, Boomerang.png, Snakeskin.pngx3, Straw Hat.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.png, Particulate Purifier.png, Venom Gland.pngx3, Poison Spear.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.png2, Coconade.pngx2, Obsidian Coconade.png, Gunpowder.pngx2 Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx4, Luxury Machete.png, Top Hat.png, Rope.pngx3, Spyglass.png Standard
Dubloons.pngx6, Speargun.pngx4, Blubber Suit.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx4, Bone Shards.pngx3, Nightmare Fuel.pngx4, Purple Gem.pngx2, Gold Nugget.pngx3 Standard
Dubloons.png, Gears.pngx4, Electrical Doodad.pngx2, Spyglass.png, Gold Nugget.pngx2 Standard
Dubloons.pngx4, Pirate Hat.png, Boat Cannon.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.png, Captain Hat.png, Life Jacket.png, Tuna Can.png, Trawl Net.png Standard
Dubloons.pngx4, Windbreaker.png, Obsidian Machete.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx4, Divining Rod.png Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx3, Boomerang.png, Tooth Trap.pngx2 Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx6, Gold Nugget.pngx5 Standard Standard
Dubloons.pngx2, Obsidian Spear.png, Obsidian Armor.png Standard Standard

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