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Yellow Gem

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Yellow Gem
Yellow Gem.png
Ancient.png (Pickaxe.png)

Broken Clockworks1.png Relic Chair.png (Hammer.png)
Ornate Chest.png (7%)
Tumbleweed.png (0.01%) Reign of Giants icon.png
Dragonfly.png Don't Starve Together icon.png

Stacks up to
Wilson Portrait.png
This gem is yellow.


Willow Portrait.png
It sparkles.


Wolfgang Portrait.png
Pretty rock.


Wendy Portrait.png
It reminds me of my mother.


WX-78 Portrait.png


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Perhaps it is similar to Citrine.


Woodie Portrait.png
I can see the stars in it.


Waxwell Portrait.png
I can feel the magic in this.


Wigfrid Portrait.png
A yellöw beaut.


Webber Portrait.png
Yellow-bellied gem.


Walani Portrait.png
It's got a nice energy.


Warly Portrait.png
I miss lemons...


Woodlegs Portrait.png
A gem th'color o'me teeth!


Winona Portrait.png
I like gems best before they're cut.


The Yellow Gem is an item used to craft Ancient items. It is required in two crafting recipes; Magiluminescence and Star Caller's Staff. The Magiluminescence is an amulet that emits light, increases movement speed, and provides a Sanity boost when worn. The Star Caller's Staff summons a Dwarf Star that emits light and heat. It can also be used to Cook Food.

Yellow Gems are obtained by mining Ancient Statues, breaking Relics, destroying Broken Clockworks, and opening Ornate Chests.

Reign of Giants icon.png Reign of Giants[edit | edit source]

In the Reign of Giants DLC, Yellow Gems have a 0.01% chance to be dropped by Tumbleweeds.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Don't Starve Together[edit | edit source]

In Don't Starve Together, the Dragonfly has a chance to drop Yellow Gems upon death. Yellow Gems can also be inserted into Cratered Moonrocks to acquire a Yellow Moonlens.

Icon Tools.png Usage[edit | edit source]

Inventory slot background.pngNightmare Fuel.png


Inventory slot background.png Living Log.pngInventory slot background.png Living Log.pngInventory slot background.pngYellow Gem.pngInventory slot background.pngYellow Gem.pngBroken Pseudoscience Station.pngInventory slot background.pngStar Caller's Staff.png
Inventory slot background.pngNightmare Fuel.pngInventory slot background.pngNightmare Fuel.pngInventory slot background.pngNightmare Fuel.pngInventory slot background.png Thulecite.pngInventory slot background.png Thulecite.pngInventory slot background.pngYellow Gem.pngBroken Pseudoscience Station.pngInventory slot background.pngMagiluminescence.png

Placeholder.png Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Yellow Gem's element is Light; its opposite being the Purple Gem.